Thursday, January 29, 2009

New team on our saddles

We at fizi:k are super excited to announce our partnership with Team p/b United Healthcare. The team has some great goals on promoting cycling not only to their community but to a greater mass outside of their local area. Team Myogenesis wants to educate people on how to have a healthy and active lifestyle through cycling. The team is especially putting emphasis on kids, as there is a big problem in our country with childhood obesity, by having various clinics and events that engage kids in their community and by having people donate to this cause through their web site:

This years squad is made up of some great new talent along with some great experienced riders. Some have even finished second to former National Champion George Hincapie. Definitely look for this team in 2009 and in the future as they become an even greater cycling team. Check out their website and see how you too can get involve with this great team and cause.

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